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Software is becoming more and more critical to most businesses. Organizations need to be quick when responding to fast-paced market changes. However building software is no more a process of following traditional approaches.

Modern software is an interplay between agile practices and technical patterns that make software development more practical and systems more scalable.

— Marouane Trabelsi

That being said, I have (and still) stambled while trying to embrace agile approaches while following high technical standards. Therefore I try to bring in this website my experience (and sometimes expertise) through deep-dive and short-style articles around subjects ranging from methodologies and concepts to libraries and frameworks and even covering cloud, infrastructure and tooling. So...

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Why Buffered Thoughts?
While there is a lot of subjects to cover and share, I largely prefer quality over quantity. Therefore I share around subjects that are built on top of deep reflections and study, i.e., buffered then streamed to explain some of the nitty-gritty subjects in the software engineering world and much more.

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