Marouane Trabelsi

A Tunisian Computer Scientist and Distributed Systems Engineer

I am a creative and passionate person who strives to build great software and distributed systems.

great should generally mean: user-friendly, performant, scalable and most importantly maintainable.

I sake interest into understanding how to design software systems while maximizing developer experience and end-user success. In doing this I've spent a lot of my (spare and professional) time applying patterns of good software architecture and systems design. I believe in agile approaches and evolutionary software architecture.

Don't blame for not bringing original ideas around these subjects as I am pretty good in recognizing, distilling and applying existing ones.

I am experienced in distributed systems and web-apps / services development, network programming and plenty of buzzwords and acronyms. However I have a particular mania to systems that run behind the scenes a.k.a. back-end services that scale beyond the limits.

I love being deeply involved in solving hard technical problems and designing operational architectures along with supporting the growth of fellow developers. In such tasks, I have used an extensive list of programming languages, tools and platforms: Java, Jakarta EE, Spring, Vert.x, Quarkus, Micronaut, Apache Camel, Apache Pulsar / Ktor, Kotlin / Grails, Groovy / Express, JavaScript / Node.js, TypeScript and not that long in the past I started my journey in Golang, Rust and WebAssembly...

I learn rapidly, communicate deliberatly, collaborate effectively, and respect diversity. I generally don't distinguish hard from soft skills and I like getting together with curious, eager and empathic people.

Want to get in touch? Check out my twitter handle, DMs open and you can email me at marouane (dot) trab (at) gmail (dot) com.

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